Realize Last Chaos Episode 3
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Realize Last Chaos Episode 3

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Having Issues Logging in

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1Having Issues Logging in Empty Having Issues Logging in Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:24 am


I had the EP3 non balanced version, had a few weeks off of it as me and a few friends are getting into another type of game, decided to come back to here after the few weeks away as trying to find new things to do, or revisit the old ones again.

Low and behold i logged in the old client and things before the unbalance all servers are under maintenance and the client wont update.

Logged into the forums/website seen its all been revamped/balanced out, now my only problem after downloading the new client so i can log in i cant log in as it doesnt recognise my account details, is there something im missing as iv not read nothing on here stating i need to do anything apart from the downloading of a new client.

Some kind of help would be nice as i want to get into it again as its easy to play with just a mouse unlike some of the other games i play, i HAVE posted this in 2 sections as im not sure if people check all the sections to help people or not, thanks for any advice in advance.

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