Realize Last Chaos Episode 3
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Realize Last Chaos Episode 3

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Game mistakes (Bugs)

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1Game mistakes (Bugs) Empty Game mistakes (Bugs) Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:30 am


I found rather many mistakes in the game.
I would like it, if at what they would be frazzled soon repaired in order for me to be allowed to enjoy the game without me not falling for one.

1. I bought a part today Merac Caste Siege, I did everything so as a sole clan well a thing was left over, to lash at the tower, did not allow me to strike it after all though but for something, my character ran up only and did not do more at this.

2. Tarian's Boss called Crusted Norg : It is not possible to destroy it because his life and this go back always after a time is going while you get not bored of it and you go away from there.

3. Very many things it is not possible to buy this in the game hijavítani would be good.

4. The World Boss is so much strong, that from two hits kills me, you could make changes in this, how he should not strike because I can make it only a certain character of capable immobile one so (Witch's Stone skill)

~There are many mistakes yet, but they not so big, bar they would be good to fix.
I have many ideas in connection with the game if he interests you I divide it, there will be more players hereby. GameSage team could be more active furthermore in order for them to help the new players.

With respect lBOSSlJohnny

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