Realize Last Chaos Episode 3
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Realize Last Chaos Episode 3

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Royal Knight (Bad for PvP)

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1Royal Knight (Bad for PvP) Empty Royal Knight (Bad for PvP) Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:00 pm


The Max Hit Rate without accs HR, Jewels Level 5
Only Buffs: Aura of Accuracy Level 4 and Devotion Level 5

Royal Knight (Bad for PvP) Hit+Rate+RK

But the Game its Very Hard to Get Accs HR, and Knight RK its Very Easy to Kill, Any Admi Have this
Idea, The Hr Need More in Knights. Please Increase More for Balance

NightShadow: 1700 Eva
Rogue: 1800 Eva
Sorcerer: 2200 Eva or More
Titan: 1400
Mages: 1600

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